Notice: MAS 3.0 formal release notes

Dear MAS users:

We are pleased to announce the formal release of MAS 3.0 is available now.

Molecule Annotation System (MAS) is a web-based software toolkit for a whole data mining and function annotation solution to extract & analyze biological molecules relationships from public knowledgebase of biological molecules and signification. MAS uses relational database of biological networks created from millions of individually modeled relationships between genes, proteins, complexes, cells, disease and tissues. MAS allow a view on your data, integrated in biological networks according to different biological context. This unique feature results from multiple lines of evidence which are integrated in MASCORE. MAS Helps to understand relationship of gene expression data through the given molecular symbols list, and provides thorough, unbiased and visible results.

We hope the efficiency of your studying can be improved more by working with our new version of molecule annotation system.

MAS Team
CapitalBio Corporation

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